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Eclipse Tips and Customization


Eclipse with the Android plugin is a powerful IDE with many features, not all of which are found in the most obvious places or are well documented. At least in the Linux version under newest releases of operating systems, it also has the occasional bug that you have to work around. We collect here some tips and customizations that may be useful. The specific comments refer to the Helios edition of the Linux version of Eclipse, but other versions should have the same or similar features.



Some general features and tips are collected here, in no particular order.



Eclipse has a number of editors, and the configuration for them can be rather obscure.


Version Control

If you use version control software like SVN (and you should use version control if you do anything extensive), there may be some special issues associated with the internal file management of Eclipse in its build cycle.



If you use SVN for version control it can be a little tricky. To get SVN to work correctly you should implement the following steps in the order given. Note: There are plugins to handle SVN version control in Eclipse that may simpler to use than the procedure described here. I have always used SVN from the command line so I will describe a procedure that works for that. Although the procedure is simple, the steps must be followed exactly to prevent the version control system from becoming confused.

Use of the Subclipse plugin has also been recommended to manage these issues, but I have not tried it.



I have not tried CVS with Eclipse but there is a CVS plugin for Eclipse.

Last modified: April 3, 2014

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